Tuesday, December 22, 2009

myKart Mega Mad Endurance Race 2009

On the gloomy day of 19th December 2009, Team Kookaburra Racing joined venture with Kegani Motorsports and Ultra Racing for the myKart Mega Mad Endurance Race 2009 at City Karting Shah Alam. The team aptly named, 'Team Kegani Kookaburra Ultra Racing' consisted of racers Jeffrey Ewe, Stephen Kok, Kenny Lee, Jason Lu, Tung Wei Hsiao and Julian together with pit and team management by Kegani Motorsports, Simon Chang and Redd CH.

The race consists of 8 hours endurance race with 6 drivers, rain or shine. The start of the race was "Le Mans" style which was very new to the racing scene in Malaysia. The karts were balloted and comes with new Comer 80cc 2-stroke engines, new racing slicks, new brake pads, new chain and CRG chassis.

Most part of the race was filled with heavy year end downpour. Due to the luck of the draw, the team's kart had a few kart problems which was enough to put it to last place. The team worked hard to catch up back the ranks and only managed 12th out of 14 teams which participated.

Below are some of the pictures from the event.

More pictures here.

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  1. We drew kart No. 1 but in qualifying we soon realised it was 3 second a lap slower than the fastest kart....

    We started 10th on the grid and in the 1st hour or so, made to 6th......only to loose a wheel and then the rain made our spare kart engine cut out all too easily.

    Well, we had fun and the last stint....by me was good - overtook maybe 6 karts in all!

    Next year maybe!